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About me: I am Kristina Buić Modrušan, I am married, I have two children, I am an educational educator by profession. I work in a school with children with developmental disabilities and I am an external associate in several kindergartens. In addition to my regular work, I provide consulting services in various associations, institutions and … Continue reading Kristina Buić Modrušan

About me: I am Jana Marković. She is a social pedagogue by profession, a project manager in video production by profession, and a reality psychotherapist at heart under supervision. Apart from my professional roles, the most important and most difficult roles I play in my daily life are the roles of wife and mother, which … Continue reading Jana Marković

About me: In addition to the scientific research work at FASPER, my engagement and commitment come to the fore in the role of psychotherapist under supervision for almost two years. These roles allow me to explore new theoretical concepts and knowledge, which I simultaneously apply in practice through psychotherapy work. In addition, I believe that … Continue reading Antonija Raspopović Dragić

About me: My name is Angelina, I am a Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist under supervision specialized in working with individuals, couples and families. My approach would be described as individualistic, since I am treating every client authentically to their issues and areas of improvement. Being specialized in concerns regarding personal difficulties, self awareness & self … Continue reading Angelina Pelevic

About me: I have a master’s degree in psychology, and I am currently attending an education in reality therapy. I chose this field because I believe in people and their ability to learn, grow and develop. I believe that we all deal with situations in life as best we know how. Sometimes the best we … Continue reading Patricia Rudan