Zorica Gajić

About me:

I am Zorica Gajic, systemic family psychotherapist. As a mother of three and a wife, my family experiences deeply enrich my understanding of human relationships and interactions. My approach to therapy was uniquely influenced by my love for psychology, pedagogy and literature. I am committed to continuous learning, constantly expanding my expertise in various areas to improve the depth and effectiveness of my therapy. As a therapist, I strive to be more than a professional; my goal is to be a compassionate guide, helping my clients uncover and manage the complexities of their emotions and life experiences with understanding and insight.

Education and qualification:

I am a graduate special pedagogue and systemic family psychotherapist with a national and European certificate. I deal with individual, partner and family therapy. Our psychotherapy sessions will nurture a relationship of trust, be filled with empathy and at the same time activate your personal potential.