Nina Makarin


I am Nina Makarin, graduate psychologist and CBT/REBT psychotherapist in training. During my previous work, I had the opportunity to work in the human resources sector, as well as in the City Center for Social Work. In my psychotherapy work, I try to establish a relationship based on trust, empathy and understanding. I believe in the importance of psychotherapy being a safe place for work, growth and development. Psychotherapy enables us to work on the problems we encounter in our daily lives, on our own capacities, and to get to know ourselves. CBT/REBT is an approach that is effective in dealing with anxiety, specific phobias, depression, procrastination, anger, etc. Let’s talk.

Education And Qualifications

I finished my undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Media and Communications in 2020, at the Department of Psychology. After graduating from college, I decided to continue my education in the direction of psychotherapy, enrolled in CBT/REBT education. I am currently in my final, or fourth, year of education. I completed an eight-week Mindfulness (MBSR) program. I obtained a license for crisis intervention with victims of traffic accidents and families of victims of traffic accidents from the Agency for Traffic Safety.