Nenad Hancik


Sometimes the situations we find ourselves in make us feel bad. It certainly does not necessarily mean that we have a problem. Problems arise when we don’t know how to proceed with them, when they prevent us from living the way we want. We cannot pretend that they do not exist, to ignore them. Let’s try to solve them together, let’s do everything we can. I am Nenad Hancik, RE&KBT psychotherapist under supervision. Over 13 years of experience in working with people who need emotional support, as well as help in crisis situations, led me to the conclusion that the first step towards relief is actually an honest conversation about what is weighing us down.

Education And Qualifications

I am currently in my final year of education for a rational, emotional, cognitive and behavioral psychotherapist (RE&KBT). I attended many seminars and was a lecturer on the topic of mental health.