Milica Milenković


I am Milica Milenković, master social worker in education in Systemic Family Therapy. My professional experiences from the beginning of my career are based on working with people facing life challenges and difficulties. Five years of experience working in social care, applying counseling interventions in daily practice with families and individuals, has empowered me to work with clients in life crises. I attended a significant number of trainings for working with children and youth, women with experience of violence, working with partners in the post-separation period, mediation in high-conflict divorces.
I believe in the power of relationships because we are created and constructed through relationships and we change through them, and in the process that lies ahead together we can create an encouraging and supportive environment that paves the way for change.

Education And Qualifications

I graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, majoring in social policy and social work, in 2017, and then I also completed a master’s degree in social work at the same faculty.
In October 2021, I enrolled in education in systemic family therapy, within the Association of Systemic Therapists, in March of this year I will finish the second year and get a counselor certificate.