Milica Ćirić


My name is Milica Ćirić and I completed basic studies in psychology and I am REBT psychotherapist under supervision.

Education And Qualifications

I am currently in my final year of education in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) and I am working under supervision. The basic premise of this modality is that we are not disturbed by the events themselves, but by our perception and beliefs about them. Therefore, the main task of the therapist is to encourage the client to change his beliefs. Sharing one’s problems with others is not easy, that’s why I strive to achieve first of all a quality therapeutic relationship with the client, of trust and acceptance, which will help him on his way to solving the problem. REBT has been applied with great success to a variety of clinical and non-clinical problems. In addition to REBT, in my therapeutic work I try to integrate all the knowledge acquired so far and adapt it to the needs of clients.