Ljiljana Savić


Hi, I’m a doctor. I have been working in the profession for more than 20 years, I love doing my job, I love helping people with mental problems. Counselor in psychodynamic psychotherapy under supervision. Psychotherapy is a process that allows you to better understand yourself, and understanding is what allows you to understand your actions, your emotions in the best possible way under the given circumstances, and use your productive potential to the greatest extent. Psychotherapy is an ongoing process whose success depends on both the therapist and you and your motivation. The insights you gain will strengthen you and make you confident to take your life into your own hands and live in the best and most meaningful way possible. It is not easy, but it is not necessary for life to be easy, it should be meaningful and meaningful.

Education And Qualifications

2000. Faculty of Medicine, University of Niš
2007. Specialist exam in clinical biochemistry
2008. Doctoral studies (medical sciences)
2021. Center for the Development of Psychodrama and Psychotherapy