Jovana Stepanović


I’m Jovana, master special pedagogue and I’m in the final year of Gestalt psychotherapy education. Through psychotherapy education and personal work, I saw that only when we become aware and acknowledge what is, we can be satisfied and live authentically and freely. I believe that what we need to overcome problems is already within us, and that asking for help is courage and a big step towards change. That’s why I invite you to grow and explore together, and I look forward to being your support along the way. Mom of two girls. I live and work in Belgrade.

Education And Qualifications

After completing my basic studies at the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, I also enrolled in master’s studies at the same faculty. At the Department for the Prevention and Treatment of Behavioral Disorders in Belgrade, I earned a master’s degree in special pedagogy. During college, I participated in numerous congresses and attended additional educations dealing with the treatment of different problems and working with different populations. I completed the basic level of education in Rational Emotional and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for children and adolescents. After college, I enrolled in training as a Gestalt psychotherapist at the European Certified Education Studio in Belgrade, where I am currently in my final, fourth year and working as a psychotherapist under supervision.