Jelena Petrović


I’m calling, I’m Jelena! My professional journey is all about supporting and developing people. By profession, I am a master defectologist, special pedagogue. In addition, I have significant experience as a transactional analyst advisor under supervision, with four years of intensive education in this field.
I decided to study for a psychotherapist after I felt progress during my personal psychotherapy and the desire to continue to continuously enter into my growth and development.
Transactional analysis is particularly interesting to me because of the joint responsibility of the client and psychotherapist during the therapeutic process. I’m OK, you’re OK, and together we can make some serious changes.
If you feel that you need support in overcoming challenges, achieving life goals or improving emotional well-being, I am here to support you. I believe in the power of self-knowledge and personal development as the key to reaching your full potential!

Education And Qualifications

Bachelor’s and Master’s studies, Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Department of Prevention and Treatment of Behavioral Disorders.
4th year of education in Transactional Analysis within the TA Center.