Jelena Kandić


My name is Jelena Kandić. I am a psychotherapist under supervision (I am an educator in the final year of Gestalt psychotherapy).
Everyone has difficult periods in life that we need support to get through and an outsider’s view to see them more clearly. In my work, I use Gestalt therapy, which believes that everyone has the capacity and strength within themselves that can help us overcome difficult moments and make our daily functioning easier. As we grow up, we forget about those creative powers of ours. In psychotherapy, we make them aware again, accept and change them.
I am here to see and hear you. I am here to go through your problems, dilemmas and to help you get to know yourself better.

Education And Qualifications

I graduated from the Teacher Faculty in Belgrade.
I am currently about to graduate as a psychotherapist at the European Accredited Educational Institute for Psychotherapy, Education Studio Belgrade.