Ivana Đorđević


I am Ivana, Graduated Psychologist, Master Clinical Psychologist, TA therapist under supervision.
The goal of my work is to provide psychological support to people who have recognized the moment when they want to change something in their life. I believe in the possibility of personal change, as well as in the fact that all problems can be solved if we look at them from a different angle.
I am here to guide people on how to act in their best interest, to go through the process of change as efficiently as possible. I am here to provide support if you think you are alone with your problems, failures, insecurities, fears, anxiety, depression… To help you understand how important support is, and now it is available. I create a safe space for my clients to seek answers to their current situation…
I will be there for all questions and concerns.

Education And Qualifications

Graduate psychologist
Master Clinical Psychologist
TA therapist – under supervision