Ivana Denić


I am deeply passionate about supporting individuals like yourself to achieve meaningful change and personal transformation. I am here to explore the space for your personal development with you. By profession, I am a Master Psychologist and Gestalt therapist under supervision. One of the most important experiences for me during my education is personal development and getting out of my comfort zone, which is not always pleasant. Thus, coming to psychotherapy requires a certain amount of courage, and if you are already here, I believe you are a very brave person who has taken the first step toward change. I’m here to actively listen, support, and guide you toward self-discovery and growth.

Education And Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree of General Psychology (4 years)
Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology (1 year) – Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology (1 year)
Transaction Analysis Training (2 years)
Gestalt Therapy Training (ongoing)
Mental Health First Aider Certificate
Career Consulting Certificate
Working with Suicidal clients Certificate