Ivana Gacina


I was born in 1985 in Novi Sad. I have always observed people and their lives with attention and interest and felt it as a personal inner calling for the place where I am today. I have been practicing psychotherapy since 2017 and I deeply believe in the healing power of contact. I believe that people potentially have all the necessary abilities to solve their problems and to face difficulties. However, sometimes we get stuck and need help. As a therapist, I have the task of helping you to see your situation more clearly, to find out how you participate in it and to experiment with finding new solutions or ways to face the difficulty.

Education And Qualifications

I completed training as a regression therapist in Novi Sad, and it was also my first professional training in the field of psychotherapy.
I completed propaedeutics at the Austrian Sigmund Freud University in Ljubljana (Slovenia), and I am an psychotherapist, practicing Gestalt modality, educated at the Gestalt Institute in Belgrade.
I also practice yoga, I have been a Hatha yoga instructor since 2013.
In my holistic approach to the human being, I use knowledge from the field of quantum medicine as well as new Germanic medicine, while when diagnosing, I also use the quantum apparatus in addition to the skills acquired in education.