Irena Stojiljković


I am Irena Stojiljković, graduate special education teacher, re-educator of psychomotor skills. I completed the training for a psychotherapist, orientation Transactional analysis and I work at the “VivaVerbum” center as a defectologist – reeducator of psychomotor skills, counselor and psychotherapist under supervision. I also work as a therapist with victims of peer violence, I have written several professional articles on the subject.

I am a person with a disability – severe hearing loss, who managed to break down many barriers and prejudices of society towards people with disabilities, as well as to join the society of people who do not have disabilities. I learned to speak, lip-read, I managed to get a regular education and get a job. My philosophy is the philosophy of Transactional Analysis, which includes:

• Every human being is OK

• Everyone has the capacity to think.

• Everyone decides their destiny, and everyone can make a decision to change it.

Education And Qualifications

Graduated and master defectologist (FASPER)
Psychotherapist under supervision Transactional analysis
Member of EATA-European Association for Transactional Analysis
Member of ITAA – International Transactional Analysis Association