Gordana Dabić


Hello, I’m Gordana Dabić! Graduated psychologist, currently fourth year of education in Transactional Analysis, certified TA practitioner under supervision. Working with people has always inspired me and continues to inspire me, and my desire to research essential human topics as well as to improve myself in the field of psychotherapy has always been very strong. Wanting to understand and understand myself, I realized the benefits of personal therapy myself through the process of personal therapy, and later education. Transactional analysis piqued my interest because of its basic postulates and humanistic approach: all people are OK, although some of their behaviors are not; all people have the capacity to think; lessons learned earlier can be changed. Through ten years of experience, which for the most part included counseling and psychotherapy work with people, I improved in numerous fields and on numerous topics, above all the topics of trauma, domestic violence, partner relationships, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Expanding awareness and capacity to live in the present moment; being honest with ourselves, accepting all that we are, as well as the search for the unique truth of every human being and understanding and appreciating it, is a part of what we get through therapy. If you are currently facing challenges that you would like to share with someone, I am ready to support you on the path of self-knowledge, personal growth and change.

Education And Qualifications

Graduated psychologist. From 2020 – in education for a TA psychotherapist, currently a certified practitioner of Transactional Analysis at the TA Center; Certified for the performance of work in the field of youth delinquency and criminal protection of children and minors by the Ministry of Justice of the RS. Trainer for conducting the course for parents “Strong parents – strong children” (German Association for the Protection of Children). Trainer of the preventive program for children “Protective Behaviors”. Training for working with secondary traumatized young people. Completed basic autogenic training.