Dunja Glavonjić


My name is Dunja Glavonjić, I am a master psychologist by profession. In addition to formal education, I practice Gestalt psychotherapy. Personally, I am inspired by the existentialist and humanistic view of man, so this field of psychotherapy was a logical choice for me. Gestalt is based on the belief that by increasing awareness in the present moment in relation to our problems, we will also increase our capacity to face them and make responsible choices. I believe that modern psychotherapy is not limited to one approach, and that is why I apply both cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic techniques in my work, so an integrative approach enables me to work with a variety of problems.

Studies in our country and abroad have given me a much better understanding of different cultures, life circumstances and ethnic specificities of people, as well as flexibility in working in English and Serbian. Topics of particular interest to me are existential questions of the search for meaning and authenticity, freedom, sexuality, self-acceptance, developing self-support, and partner relationships. I deeply believe in the human capacity to overcome difficult situations, as well as in the fact that every pain has its own meaning that needs to be reached. “To live means to suffer, to survive means to find some meaning in suffering.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Education And Qualifications

– By primary education, I have a degree in psychology, and I completed my studies at FMK in Belgrade and part of it in Germany, at Philipps University.
– I completed my master’s studies in counseling psychology (Counselling psychology MA) at the English University of York, located in Greece, and therefore I am a certified master’s psychological counselor.
– I am attending the last year of a four-year education in Gestalt psychotherapy (European Accredited Training Institute for Education) with Dr. Lidija Pecotić