Dragana Petrović


I am Dragana Petrović. I am also a master of social psychology and a supervised Gestalt psychotherapist. I believe that by working on yourself and undergoing psychotherapy, you get to know yourself, you become aware of parts of your psyche, and you gain the capacity to direct them in the desired direction. In therapy, I nurture your unconditional love for you with which your unique personality grows and connects with the uniqueness given to you at birth, from that point I find that life plans become exciting and not stressful. During my studies I lived in different cities in Europe and I believe that living in different places brought me closer to the very essence of man and his needs.

An example of Gestalt psychotherapy in everyday life is the way people put together puzzles. Instead of looking at each piece as an individual whole, they form meaningful relationships between the pieces to see the big picture more quickly and efficiently.

Within Gestalt therapy, the client has the space to safely explore their experiences without fear of judgment. In fact, the client is encouraged not only to talk about their emotions or experiences, but to bring them into therapy so that they can be processed in real time with the therapist.

Education And Qualifications

2019- to date/ Supervised Gestalt Psychotherapist – European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute – Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute Malta (EAPTI-GPTIM)

2017-2018 / Master of Science in Applied Social Psychology – Vrije University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2014-2017 /Basic studies of psychology with management – IBS, Hungary (accredited by the University of Buckingham)