Branka Ćuić

About me:

My name is Branka Ćuić, I am an integrative psychodynamic psychological counselor in supervision and a psychotherapist in the education of the OLI Center for Integrative Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, which means that in my work with clients I apply techniques from various psychotherapy directions in combination with techniques created within the framework of OLI methods.
Also, I completed the training “Integrative model of psychological healing of persons with trauma”, as well as the education “Basic psychotherapeutic knowledge” organized by the Association of Associations of Psychotherapists of Serbia, thus obtaining the condition for further psychotherapy education.

Education and qualification:

O.L.I. Center for integrative, psychodynamic psychotherapy, counseling and coaching – Psychological counselor in supervision. Psychotherapist in education
Center for Psychotherapy Studies – Basic Psychotherapy Knowledge
Center for education, personal growth and development “La Mente” – Training “Integrative model of psychological healing of persons with trauma”