Bojana Stanković


My name is Bojana Stanković and I am a Gestalt orientation psychotherapist. Everyday life inevitably brings problems and stress, but how we react and the meaning we give them makes a fundamental difference in the quality of our lives. Gestalt psychotherapy can significantly help us in this, where through contact with a therapist, with a focus on the here and now, we can improve our lives, see ourselves and the world around us in a new way. Even if your problems are not big and you are functioning well, therapy is a place where you can get to know yourself better, but also understand those around you. Welcome!

Education And Qualifications

I graduated from the European Accredited Educational Institute for Psychotherapy – Studio for Education Belgrade (EAPTI-SEB), founded by the famous Gestalt therapist Lidija Pecotić. I also completed basic psychotherapy studies.