Antonija Raspopović Dragić

About me:

In addition to the scientific research work at FASPER, my engagement and commitment come to the fore in the role of psychotherapist under supervision for almost two years. These roles allow me to explore new theoretical concepts and knowledge, which I simultaneously apply in practice through psychotherapy work. In addition, I believe that my qualities such as perseverance, creativity and the ability to think critically are the key factors that have allowed me to combine these two worlds. The duality of my professional engagement allows me to constantly progress, learning and growing both academically and practically, with the ultimate goal of making a significant impact in the mental health and well-being of individuals, couples or families. My approach to psychotherapy is deeply grounded in the latest scientific knowledge, while at the same time enriched by an intuitive understanding of the human psyche and empathy, which allows me to establish a good therapeutic alliance with clients and effectively respond to their unique needs.

Education and qualification:

I am a master’s defectologist – special pedagogue, currently in the final year of doctoral studies at the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, where I work as a researcher-intern. In addition, I am also a systemic family psychotherapist under supervision, that is, I am in the final year of education at the Institute for Mental Health. I completed the first degree of Emotionally Focused Therapy (Externship) and am continuously improving my knowledge within the framework of constructivist psychotherapy.