Anja Kastratović


Hello everyone, I’m Anja Kastratović and I’m a psychotherapist under supervision from OLI – integrative psychodynamic direction, and I’ve also completed EMDR education.
I want to help you on your way to self-discovery, because that’s the only way we can overcome all the challenges and doubts we face every day. On this path, you will learn to look at yourself and others around you holistically. You will learn to listen to your needs and live according to them. I am here to provide you with support, presence, security and trust so that you can accept yourself more easily.
It will be my pleasure to be your companion on the path of self-knowledge.

Education And Qualifications

I started my journey towards becoming a psychotherapist at OLI Integrative Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. I completed this education in June 2021 and became a licensed psychotherapist under supervision. Shortly after that I enrolled in EMDR training and also completed that year and became an EMDR practitioner.