Anđela Bećir


My name is Anđela, graduated psychologist and supervised psychotherapist. My passionate commitment to Gestalt psychotherapy permeates my work. I believe that every person is capable of effective and satisfactory contact with others in their environment in order to survive, mature, develop and grow.
Identification with one’s own experience is actually the most important aspect of self-support and occupies a central place in the theory of change in Gestalt therapy.
Good contact is a unity of awareness, behavior and emotion.
Every individual carries a huge potential for development and change, and through my approach I want to support you in discovering your own story and achieving lasting positive changes.
Welcome to the space where we build bridges to inner peace together.

Education And Qualifications

As a graduate with a foundational background in psychology from Belgrade, I am currently advancing my expertise through specialized training in Gestalt psychotherapy at the Gestalt Studio.
In the final stages of completing my thesis, I am on the path to obtaining my Gestalt psychotherapist diploma.
Complemented by numerous online and live educational pursuits in psychology and psychotherapy, my qualifications empower me to provide profound support to clients, tapping into deeper levels of their experiences.