Ana Pavlović


By profession, I am a graduate psychologist, a specialist in RE&KBT psychotherapy and an ACT practitioner under supervision.

Psychology is my great love and passion in life because of what it can provide to a person. I believe in the concept of lifelong learning, progress and change. I like to talk about psychology, travel and health.

From the first psychological steps, I like to promote mental health care and educate people about the importance of self-care, both physically and mentally. For several years, I led educational workshops in primary and secondary schools in Serbia, on the topic of combating the stigma of mental disorders, organized by the EFPSA organization. Also, I was a member of the AIESEC organization where I dealt with, among other things, the selection of candidates for internships in Serbia.

Besides that, further in the business world, I am helpfully engaged in giving educational lectures to companies on the topic of stress, burnout syndrome, the influence of culture and multiculturalism in the organizational environment.

I am a member of the Society of Psychologists of Serbia.

In general, I would like as many people as possible to accept the fact that psychologists are not scarecrows where crazy people go, but that the most ordinary and normal people with various concerns and difficulties that could be solved more easily and quickly with the help of a psychologist.

The approach to work and clients is directive and active. With compassion and acceptance of the client, without judgment, through asking questions, learning techniques, we create a basis for therapeutic change in the client.

I believe that we are all fallible beings who have fears, worries, setbacks but also the potential for progress and change… that we are not perfect and as such we are worth it.

We can talk about anxiety, fears, stage fright, procrastination, setbacks in life, problems choosing a career, changing jobs, organizing, making decisions, learning, planning, setting goals, self-confidence and acceptance, loneliness, love and much more.

Life can get difficult sometimes, then a little help from a professional psychologist can make things a lot easier. I’m here to help and give you all the tools you need to help you cope with big problems and traumas.

Ana psychologist
A little more about me…

I like to give psychological tests to others and to myself. I promote the importance of physical activity at work and in free time. I don’t have a taboo topic, but I don’t do well in conversations about politics and history. I like simplicity, but also colors and patterns. I like teas and professional literature to read. As far as activities go, I like nature, running, swimming, walking and traveling to spend all my free time and money on it.

Education And Qualifications

Graduated psychologist, specialist in RE&KBT psychotherapy, ACT practitioner under supervision.
After graduating, I chose RE&KBT psychotherapy as well as ACT for further training.
I have basic and advanced level certificates in RE&KBT and ACT psychotherapy, and I also like to improve myself on the topic of trauma treatment and supplement my knowledge in other psychotherapy modalities such as Gestalt, Body Psychotherapy, CFT, TA.