Aleksandra Jedvaj


I’m Aleksandra and I’m here to support you in your most important relationship, the relationship with yourself. By profession, I am a master psychologist and integrative psychodynamic psychotherapist in supervision, as well as an EFT practitioner. I am a mother of two girls. We need support at various stages of life. To all of us.
Support in understanding and accepting oneself, recognizing one’s needs, emotions, desires.
In breaking the beliefs that no longer serve us and finding those that are in line with our life values.
Support on the way to yourself, discovering how to take care of yourself and how to accept and love yourself so that you can also love others.
Support in relationships, partnership, marriage.
Support in motherhood and parenthood.
Support in all those periods that represent a challenge and difficulty for us.
By supporting one person, we support the whole society.

Education And Qualifications

Master psychologist.
Integrative psychodynamic psychotherapist in supervision.
EFT practitioner