Aleksandar Miša Mraović


Hi, I am Miša, a master of philosophy and a constructivist or PCP (Personal Construct Psychology) therapist under supervision. As a philosopher, the questions that took my attention were mostly of the existential nature – the meaning of life which I believe is mostly tied to questions of mental wellbeing of a person – an individual, as well as a person – a part of the society.

Psychotherapy for me is a exploring our own constructs, our own anticipations/expectations of life and finding the best ways to play that game called life. I believe we do not have to be slaves of our own biography, but that we can take our own lives into our own hands. Sometimes, for change to take its place, we need to take a break and listen to our own needs. I’m here to create a safe space for you to explore and express yourself, to hear you out, support you and invite you to safely elaborate all of the future experiences you could possibly choose.

Education And Qualifications

Bachelor degree in philosophy – Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (2018)
Master’s degree in philosophy – Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (2021)
2018 started education in (then) Serbian Constructivist Association (SCA), and now PCP centre
2022 – started my own private practice as a constructivist psychotherapist under supervision