Aleksa Veličković


I’m Alexa. I am 26 years old, I have a master’s degree in psychology and I am currently studying rational-emotive behavioral therapy (REBT). One of the most important things I have learned so far is: As long as he is alive, there is hope for man. As long as he breathes, man has the potential to get better and live happily and fulfilled as he strives to achieve his goals.
That’s why it’s important to never give up on yourself, no matter how big and insurmountable the problems you face seem.
Just by reading this text and thinking about starting psychotherapy, you have already taken an important first step towards your well-being and your growth. Let’s grow together.

Education And Qualifications

– Graduated and master psychologist
– Educator of the final level of education in rational-emotive behavioral therapy
– Scholarship holder of the Association for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy of Serbia (UKBTS) for the generation of educators enrolled in 2021
– Member of the Society of Psychologists of Serbia