Aleksa Milević


I am a master psychologist and supervised REBT psychotherapist. I am currently part of the Clinic for Neurology of the Clinical Center, where together with my colleagues we are participating in an EU project dealing with the influence of genes and environment on the mental health of young people. Also, during my previous work, I was engaged in several different positions in the field of human resources and marketing, which helped me to expand my knowledge from the business world and get to know the complexity of human nature. In my psychotherapy work, in addition to standard techniques, I pay the most attention to the therapeutic relationship. I adapt the therapy to each client individually, and together we try to create an atmosphere of empathy and unconditional acceptance that will contribute the most to his progress. I firmly believe that change can only be created through an atmosphere of mutual acceptance, trust, openness and empowerment of the client’s capacities. The topics I deal with most often are anxiety, panic attacks, depression, negative self-image, self-confidence development, difficulties in interpersonal relationships and self-acceptance.

Education And Qualifications

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Bachelor’s Psychology
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Master’s in Psychology
REBT Affiliated Training Center of Albert Ellis Institute, Primary and Advanced Certificate in Rational-Emotive & Cognitive Behavior Therapy (RE&CBT)