Scary Intrusive Thoughts

About me: My path through the field of psychology and psychotherapy is not only a profession but a calling to create a safe space for emotional exploration and healing. I became a psychologist in my thirties, because I believe in the transformative power of true human connection. I work with individuals, couples and families facing … Continue reading Milena Fehilly

About My name is Irena Mandić, I am a graduate psychologist and educator at Systemic Family Psychotherapy. Education And Qualifications I completed my basic studies in psychology at the University of East Sarajevo in 2021, after which I enrolled in the master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the Faculty of Media and Communication … Continue reading Irena Mandić

About My name is Anđela, graduated psychologist and supervised psychotherapist. My passionate commitment to Gestalt psychotherapy permeates my work. I believe that every person is capable of effective and satisfactory contact with others in their environment in order to survive, mature, develop and grow. Identification with one’s own experience is actually the most important aspect … Continue reading Anđela Bećir

About I was born in 1988 in Vranje, I live in Nis. I graduated from the “Bora Stanković” Gymnasium in Vranje, and after that, I studied psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš, where I obtained a master’s degree in psychology. Education And Qualifications During my studies, I participated in numerous seminars, trainings and … Continue reading Teodora Stanojković

About By profession, I am a graduate psychologist, a specialist in RE&KBT psychotherapy and an ACT practitioner under supervision. Psychology is my great love and passion in life because of what it can provide to a person. I believe in the concept of lifelong learning, progress and change. I like to talk about psychology, travel … Continue reading Ana Pavlović

About I believe that everyone has their own qualities, and I am here for people who need to see that. I believe in changes and the fulfillment of goals, but everyone has their own time and some stages they need to overcome. I believe that people deserve to live the love and respect of other … Continue reading Katarina Radovanović

About My name is Milica Ćirić and I completed basic studies in psychology and I am REBT psychotherapist under supervision. Education And Qualifications I am currently in my final year of education in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) and I am working under supervision. The basic premise of this modality is that we are not … Continue reading Milica Ćirić

About My name is Emilija Simić.I have always been attracted to questions related to human behavior, emotional experiences and perception of situations.Psychology has, to a greater or lesser extent, been a part of my daily life since I enrolled at the university, which will now be 13 years of dealing with myself and others – … Continue reading Emilija Simić

About My name is Isidora Dragićević, I am a master clinical psychologist and psychotherapist under supervision. I completed my undergraduate and master’s studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade, while I am completing my psychotherapy education at the REBT Center in Belgrade. The primary modality I practice is rational-emotive behavioral therapy … Continue reading Isidora Dragićević