Personality Disorder

About me: I am Marija TA, a supervised therapist. Many years of experience with different profiles The topics I have dealt with the most are: Professional challenges and changes, emotional and family relationships, stress, public speaking, anxiety. I am here to listen and to work together with the client on the challenges that we define … Continue reading Marija Vujović

About me: By profession, I am a psychologist and psychotherapist of psychodynamic integrative therapy under supervision. I like to work with people and to learn, I am interested in the nature and complexity of man. I am most happy when there is a change in therapy that makes a person suffer less, be functional and … Continue reading Lidija Cupać

About My name is Dunja Glavonjić, I am a master psychologist by profession. In addition to formal education, I practice Gestalt psychotherapy. Personally, I am inspired by the existentialist and humanistic view of man, so this field of psychotherapy was a logical choice for me. Gestalt is based on the belief that by increasing awareness … Continue reading Dunja Glavonjić

About Psychotherapy is the path I chose because I think that every situation has a solution, and that every ending is a new beginning, like a chapter of a valuable and interesting book. Only we choose how much and how we adapt those chapters to ourselves. Education And Qualifications By profession, I am a graduate … Continue reading Mirjana Mirković

About I’m calling, I’m Jelena! My professional journey is all about supporting and developing people. By profession, I am a master defectologist, special pedagogue. In addition, I have significant experience as a transactional analyst advisor under supervision, with four years of intensive education in this field. I decided to study for a psychotherapist after I … Continue reading Jelena Petrović

About My name is Bojana Stanković and I am a Gestalt orientation psychotherapist. Everyday life inevitably brings problems and stress, but how we react and the meaning we give them makes a fundamental difference in the quality of our lives. Gestalt psychotherapy can significantly help us in this, where through contact with a therapist, with … Continue reading Bojana Stanković

About Hi, I’m a doctor. I have been working in the profession for more than 20 years, I love doing my job, I love helping people with mental problems. Counselor in psychodynamic psychotherapy under supervision. Psychotherapy is a process that allows you to better understand yourself, and understanding is what allows you to understand your … Continue reading Ljiljana Savić