About me: Hello everyone! I am Maja, a 25-year-old psychologist. My professional background includes a diploma from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, where I completed the clinical course. After that, I enrolled in a master’s program at the same faculty, with additional education in REBT therapy, where I am now finishing my second year. … Continue reading Maja Stojanović

About me: I am Jovana Čelebić, a Gestalt psychotherapist under supervision. The understanding that the organism in a physiological, psychological and social sense can only function as a whole, I see as the majority that combines medicine and psychotherapy and enables me to observe the broader picture of the client, which is also one of … Continue reading Jovana Čelebić

About me: I am Kristina Buić Modrušan, I am married, I have two children, I am an educational educator by profession. I work in a school with children with developmental disabilities and I am an external associate in several kindergartens. In addition to my regular work, I provide consulting services in various associations, institutions and … Continue reading Kristina Buić Modrušan

About me: I am Jana Marković. She is a social pedagogue by profession, a project manager in video production by profession, and a reality psychotherapist at heart under supervision. Apart from my professional roles, the most important and most difficult roles I play in my daily life are the roles of wife and mother, which … Continue reading Jana Marković

About me: Hello there, my name is Danijela, it‘s a pleasure to meet you! By profession, I am a psychologist and also hold a master degree in it. As I‘m on the final year of Gestalt psychotherapy education EAPTI SEB (European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute), I have been working with clients under supervision for a … Continue reading Danijela Nikolić

About me: I am Bojana Jovanović, graduate psychologist and TA advisor in education. I am currently in my third year of Transactional Analysis at the TA Center and I am working under supervision. I am a big fan of understanding the human psyche through reading and writing. I believe that working on yourself can be … Continue reading Bojana Jovanović

About me: I am a supervised Re&KBT psychotherapist, dedicated to supporting clients in changing established patterns of thinking and behavior to address emotional and practical challenges in life. I believe that although everyone knows themselves best, the support of experts can be crucial in the process of understanding and overcoming problems. In the therapeutic process, … Continue reading Stevanija Matejić Ivanović

About me: I completed my master’s studies in psychology and am a certified counselor in systemic family therapy. I am finishing my third year of systemic family therapy and I am a supervised psychotherapist. I work with individuals, couples and families, while my previous experience is mostly focused on working with individuals. I had the … Continue reading Dijana Purić

About me: Mrs Phemelo Mongwato is the Director of Wellness within our realities, an organization that offers counseling services, marriage coaching for couples, mental health and wellness speaking engagements for conferences, corporate, church platforms and social gatherings. She is a mental health counselor. Education and qualification: – Marriage Coach, In Christ Bible Institute University, Maseru, … Continue reading Phemelo Mongwato

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