Program: Healing Horizon

Program: Healing Horizon

About Healing Horizon

The path to mental well-being can be a journey of patience. With Healing Horizon, we offer you
a unique opportunity: wait for the right moment, and be rewarded with six complimentary therapy sessions.

How It Works

Your Journey, Step by Step


Sign up for the waitlist.


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Accessible Healing

Experience the benefits of therapy without the burden of expense. We believe that everyone deserves access to healing, regardless of their financial situation.

Professional Guidance

Our initiative connects you with qualified psychotherapists who are committed to your mental well-being and personal growth.

Flexibility & Convenience

Our online sessions allow for flexibility in scheduling, ensuring you can access therapy from the comfort of your home or any place you feel safe.

Culturally Diverse

With therapists offering sessions in various languages, we strive to ensure that you feel understood, both emotionally and linguistically.

Patient-First Approach

At Feel Safe Hub, you're not just a number. Our approach is holistic, ensuring your unique experiences and emotions are at the forefront of every session.

Community Support

By joining our waitlist, you become a part of a community that values mental health, shared experiences, and collective growth.

Program Details


8 online sessions over 2 months.

We understand that consistent therapeutic support can lead to meaningful breakthroughs. Therefore, our program is spread over a duration of 2 months, offering ample time between sessions for reflection and integration. 6 sessions provide a solid foundation, allowing individuals to delve deep into their concerns and achieve noticeable progress.

Wait time

The wait can extend up to a year due to high demand.

While we are enthusiastic about the overwhelming response to our initiative, it also means that there might be a wait time. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard. Every individual is important to us, and we aim to connect you with a therapist as soon as a slot becomes available. Your mental well-being is worth the wait.


Absolutely free, because mental well-being is priceless.

We believe that access to mental health support should not be restricted by financial barriers. Everyone deserves a chance to heal, grow, and thrive. By offering our services for free, we hope to reach out to those who might otherwise not seek help due to financial constraints. Your mental health is an invaluable asset, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

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