About Us

About Us

Creating a world where everyone feels seen and heard

Vision Statement of Safe Space NGO

"A World Where Mental Health Care Knows No Boundaries.'' Our vision at Safe Space NGO is to cultivate a global environment where mental health is prioritized and stigma-free. We envision a future where everyone, irrespective of their background, can easily access the mental health support they need. Through Feel Safe Hub, we aim to be at the forefront of online mental health services, continuously innovating and expanding our reach. Our vision extends beyond providing therapy sessions; we aspire to foster a widespread understanding and acceptance of mental health issues, encouraging societies to embrace mental wellness as a vital component of overall health. Ultimately, we seek to reduce the incidence of suicide and improve the quality of life for people around the world, ensuring mental health care is as accessible and normal as physical health care.

Mission Statement of Safe Space NGO

"Empowering Mental Well-being for Everyone, Everywhere"

At Safe Space NGO, our mission is to democratize access to mental health care. We believe in a world where emotional and psychological support is not a privilege but a fundamental right. Our commitment is to provide free, quality online psychotherapy sessions, primarily focusing on suicide prevention and mental well-being. By harnessing the power of volunteer psychotherapists and leveraging technology, we strive to reach sensitive groups—including victims of violence, marginalized communities, and the LGBTQ+ community—regardless of their financial means or geographical location. Our goal is to create a global community where every individual has the opportunity to find solace, support, and strength through compassionate and confidential mental health care.

The Difference We Make

We challenge the traditional therapy model. Our commitment to creating a truly personal healing experience means that every session is filled with empathy, honesty, presence, and dedication. Our greater purpose - to ensure everyone feels safe and heard - sets us apart in a crowded landscape.

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We're not just a platform; we're a movement. Whether you're seeking therapy, looking to provide it,
or simply want to be part of a community that values mental well-being, there's a place for you at Feel Safe Hub.

Our Journey

April, 2022

Beginning of journey

Siguran Prostor firstly started as Lintree link where
there was just a list of therapists.

April, 2022

September, 2022

Wix platform

Later same year the platform expanded and we have moved to Wix website.

September, 2022

January, 2024

Upgraded platform

Upgraded to a temporary solution that would meet the current needs.

January, 2024

Meet our team

Milica Krstić

CEO & Founder

Ivan Marić


Sandra Jereminov

Executive Assistant

Dimitrije Florin

Head of Businesss

"At Feel Safe Hub, our heart lies in creating a sanctuary where people from every corner of the world can find solace and understanding. We strive to offer a space that not only listens but responds with compassion—where the journey toward living a fulfilled life is not a solitary one. It's a place where the promise of hope is just one heartfelt conversation away.

With each interaction, we bring empathy, sincerity, and unwavering dedication, crafting an experience of therapeutic healing that's steeped in genuine care. Our platform is the embodiment of community—it's a collective embrace in the face of mental health challenges, a union of voices championing the human spirit.

We made this platform with love, embodying our mission to provide a supportive space for everyone, everywhere. Here, you'll feel secure and understood, empowering you to embrace each day with fulfillment and joy. Let us be the ones to show you how a single conversation can be the beginning of hope."

Made with ❤️ in Belgrade.


What our clients Say!

Dive into the heartfelt testimonials of those who've journeyed with us. Discover how our community has made a difference in their lives, offering support, understanding, and a sense of belonging in their moments of need.